FAQ Page

These are just a few of the questions we usually address when helping our clients. Future Solar Power provides not only a detailed roof inspection report (on older homes), but also a thorough energy analysis of your roof system to maximize your roofs payback.

At Future Solar we don't just throw some Solar Panels on your building and hope for the best. We listen to your goals and seek out the best possible solution at the best possible price. The cheapest system installed is often not the best system in the long run. There are a myriad of options, tax credits and systems available that make the choices difficult to say the least.

The maintenance cost, the installed cost and the ROI are just a few of the items we consider in the long run. A properly designed and installed PV / Solar Roof will benefit you in addressing your buildings waterproof, maintenance and energy needs while providing the maximum life cycle possible.

It seems to be known that California gets more sun than we do in BC, but what seems to be less known are the facts of solar electricity. While it's true that California gets more sun than we do, it's also true that solar panels are less efficient in warmer climates. Our colder climate works to our advantage. It should also be known that solar panels still generate electricity in inclement weather. In fact, the panels are still generating at about 10% when it's raining.

  • Solar is a fixed cost hedged against rising energy costs
  • Solar provides a compelling return on investment of 10% or more in many cases
  • Solar energy systems are highly reliable and have low maintenance costs
  • Solar is a clean, renewable energy that reduces the emissions equivilent to driving 1,900 miles/year in an average car for every 1kW of solar power installed
  • Solar panels are the only silent electrical generation system, which means they are ideal for populated areas where other generation systems would cause complications

If power outages are a common occurrence and/or a concern, grid-tie solar electric systems with battery back-up would provide immediate power. However, most solar electric systems that are tied into the local electricity grid do not have battery back-up so a power outage would still be a power outage.

We are happy to answer any environment related questions.